Thursday, 13 December 2012

For better or for worse...

This has been one hell of a break :). And there's still one weekend to go. I've missed meeting a lot of people. I will miss some more before it's all done. But there are more I've met. After years, in some cases. To top it all off, I've managed a little bit of closure. 

Despite everything, something I planned for a full year in advance, actually worked out. Well, I suppose planned is a rather strong word :). Hoped for is probably more accurate. Either way, in some vague and possibly irrational way, it seems that all the choices weren't upside down, that there's still some sense to things.

The wedding of the year, no doubt! And what an occasion it turned out to be :). Excitement, suspense, even a touch of intrigue (for all the wrong reasons, actually, but hey, it all turned out okay, so :P). Then there was the first bit of choreography I've been a part of in the best part of eight years. I'd almost forgotten how much fun that was. Or how nervous it's always made me, going up on stage :).

Some images are just to stay forever. And others remind you of things you will never forget. I guess there is really something to the whole everafter thing :). That's the thing with weddings, the eternal hope of a beginning. The end of one era and the beginning of another.

But one must not forget the rides on the twisting tarmac. Under the burning midday sun, or through trailing night lights. Or the cold blue pool. Or all the bits that blurred into a happy haze :D.
So that was one part of it. Then there was the visa that has been a constant thorn in the side. Like one of those things you keep throwing away, but it keeps coming back, and every time, with a little more garbage in tow. Till finally, someone tells you that the visa you've been obsessing about for the last three weeks is one you don't need! Only, now you need to rescue your passport.

Like I said, break's not over yet.

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