Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It's all downhill from here

And that is a good thing! Some days things just stop rushing around in your head. Even if for just a little bit. It is usually a good idea to make the most of these moments. Especially when over a month or so such moments have appeared rarely, if at all :).

God am I ready to be out of dock or what?! Even though there's the better part of a week before crew-change, the mere act of setting sail would be a relief. No cutting or grinding jarring you awake at odd hours for one thing!

For a short trip, this has been a really long one :(. But the upcoming break seems to be promising. Some of us are planning on staying back for a little while in South Africa. The sheer scope of the intended vacation kinda boggles my mind a little bit. So all I'm doing at this point is crossing my fingers and hoping that this one doesn't run into any last minute glitches. It really promises to be awesome :D.

Currently: into no-mores!
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