Thursday, 28 February 2013

Swansong - I

It's not that I haven't been somewhat occupied lately. Impending life changes of the dramatic type tend to bring with them a whole lot of rather more banal details to sort out. Nevertheless, I find my thoughts straying back to South Africa. Barely a month past, it already seems like a long while ago.

Much has happened since, and I'm rather happy I managed to fit in a quick trip to Bombay over the weekend in-between. You see, farewells aren't something I get to do personally very often. Not that I'm one much given to whims, but things seem to work out that way more often than not :).

Anyway, I figured if I thought one of these days I'd be able to put down the whole story of the South Africa trip, I was kidding myself. For one thing, it'd take forever. For another, it'll be closer to a short book than a blog post :P. But where do I start?

The thing with this trip was that it was really quite random :). As has been the case before, there wasn't a lot of time for planning. Well, not for me anyway. While we'd been hoping to go on this trip for almost a month, it wasn't until about a day or so before crew change that we actually knew it was on! Yeah, hurray for late cancellations.

One of the regrets I've had for a while was never visiting Cape Town on my previous South Africa trip, so I was quite happy to begin this one doing just that! The V&A Waterfront is quite the place. But since we'd already picked up what was to be our car for the next 10 days, we decided on staying out in the rather more quiet Simon's Town on the other side of the Cape.

What followed was three days of scuba diving and relaxed ambles down the Main Street in some spectacularly chilly weather for the middle of summer :). Instead of trying to find a hotel, we'd actually got ourselves a little holiday rental place close to the beach. The view looking out over False Bay was quite spectacular.

I hadn't had a dive for a bit over a year, so it was a bit interesting. Especially the shore dives. I'd absolutely never waded into the water and then just kept on walking as it got deep enough :). There were a couple of scares with the weather and visibility, but all in all it turned out to be good fun.

On the last day we decided to drive down to Cape Point. We were too late to get in, but the drive around itself was a spectacle! The next morning though, we went again, this time all the way to the old lighthouse at Cape Point :).

It was one of those life-affirming sort of moments. You know, the kind that seem to in some way justify all the shit you've taken in the immediate past ;). All the colours seemed to be especially bright. The blues and greens, the whites of the wave tops. Even the sand seemed a sparkling gold.

About the only thing that helped us move on was the lure of the epic road-trip we were about to embark upon. All the way from Cape Town to Durban. But of course, little did we know exactly how epic just then :).

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