Sunday, 9 June 2013


Things are beginning to fall into place somewhat. And while I seem to continue to lose track of the too many things that need doing at any given time, I'm beginning to develop a knack of remembering more or less in time ;).

When I think about it, the last couple of months have disappeared in a hurry. The only bits of snow in evidence now are the stray patches on distant peaks, and midsummer is fast approaching. I'm having to worry less about finding a place and more about what to put in it...

Stray thoughts, rather like the tiny splinter that had been putting slow leaks in my bike tyre, prick the otherwise mostly peaceful run of things. Rather as I'd suspected, letting go isn't just in the deciding to move on. Bits and pieces come floating back from time to time, like so much flotsam rising from a sunken boat.

I've started reading again though. But not the Wheel of Time. Somehow I couldn't seem to muster the patience for it just now. And in hopes of reading the original untranslated versions some time in the near future, started with Jo Nesbø. Fast paced mystery thrillers seem to be more suited to current circumstances, somehow :).

Currently: gearing up for another five days of alarms and deadlines
Listening to: Aerosmith - Sunshine

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