Sunday, 16 June 2013

Of biking trails and modular furniture

In a lot of ways, it's been a pretty big week! With great weather for the most part. I took advantage of the weather the first few days and went on something of a biking expedition around the water bodies strewn around Asker. Even hit 350km since I bought this bike :).

For years I'd been familiar with the few closest lakes, and while they make for some beautiful walks, a bike unlocks significantly wider territories for exploration :). I went far enough to actually end up next to one of the inland fjords in the area, Tyrifjorden. The views, as expected, more than made up for the punishing biking terrain.

That's the trouble with living in Asker. No matter which way you come from, if you've been more than 5 kilometres away, it's an uphill climb back home. Gullhella isn't a whole lot better, but when you're willing those pedals to keep moving, every metre of elevation counts. Reason I bring this up is that that's where my new apartment is!

Finally got the keys this week and it was a novel experience as I explored the apartment I'd previously seen filled with signs of the previous owners' life, empty. Waiting, I felt :). That's a good thing right? But I couldn't shake the feeling that the floor looked relieved to be out in the open after years of hiding under couches or tables or whatever else.

I wasn't really planning on the no-furniture-sleep-on-a-mattress deal, so the last couple of days were spent hiding some of that floor back under some new stuff. At least the shapes of the shadows will be different :).

I really need to get something that matches my red door...

Feeling: proprietorial :P
Listening to: Eels - Fresh feeling

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