Saturday, 14 September 2013

Time out

I've been looking forward to this quite a bit actually! Life has turned a bit overly high maintenance of late. Too many things that need doing, need keeping track of, need thinking about or thinking through. You see where I'm going. And that's where a vacation comes in handy :).

Unfortunately, with an office job, a vacation never quite is that clean break from work that time off is on rotation. But at least you get to plan it with more or less some degree of freedom.

I get the feeling when I get back home in a week's time, summer would well and truly be over and the little preview of late autumn weather we're had the last couple of days will be rather more pervasive. But, in the meanwhile, it's time for some fun! And maybe catch up on some reading while I'm at it!

Currently: packed! :D
Listening to: Ellie Goulding - Burn

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