Monday, 2 September 2013


Remember the time when growing older used to be a good thing? 

I suppose when you have to convince yourself something isn't a bad thing, that says something about the situation. Even so, I like to make that effort.

I guess as the numbers grow bigger, enough time has passed for you to look back on and think about some of the things you'd have thought would have happened by now. Life, however, rarely sticks to a script. And to be honest, let's face it, people are rarely imaginative enough to dream up truly entertaining scripts, so to speak :).

Instead, there's good fun to be had when the focus is shifted to all the things that I never saw coming. Especially the ones I can smile about in retrospect :).

See, definitely worth the effort :D.

Feeling: wiser (yeah right :P)
Listening to: Poliça - Lay your cards out


Hemamalini said...

Ohhhh! Happy birthday! :-)

kray said...

thank you! :-)