Tuesday, 8 October 2013


It's been raining a little lately. Especially at night. A thin sort of rain, more for ambience than anything else, it seems to me. Tiny drops trickling down the windscreen, only to be scattered off into the darkness by the slightly irregular arc of the automated wipers.

I suppose I have thought about this, but I can't really remember. It's as if I've wondered about this for so long, the thoughts have abbreviated themselves into abstractions. And that affords me the luxury of discovery without the burden of expectation.

My first car! Damn :).

Barely a week and I've run it over a hundred kilometres. Without even trying really, haven't had the time. I suppose it was always going to be easier logging miles on this one than on the bike :D.

I catch myself smiling in stray moments. Sweeping around a blind corner as the sun blinks from behind a not too distant hill. Streams of light down the highway in the dark. Quiet streets in the crisp, cold autumn afternoon sunshine.

I'm gonna have to get an extension on the insured miles :D.

Currently: looking forward to the first long drive
Listening to: Klangkarussel - Sonnentanz

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