Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I have to say this new year got a lot more of a hectic start that I'd have liked :). But then again, a fair bit of it was rather ridiculously fun! The new year's party for starters, with the only slightly clouded view of the fireworks and our own sparklers, it was quite the way to get things going.

And then, eventually, about a month too late, it started snowing in earnest! The temperature dropped over ten degrees practically overnight, and it did so just as we'd set off for a weekend at the Kvitfjell skisenter :D.

The timing couldn't possibly have been more perfect! We got there late Friday night after hours and hours in traffic, but we were greeted by the cosy if slightly overfilled cabin with ten of us in there, and the smell of dinner! Others had done the smart thing and been on the way before the Friday evening traffic hit the road :).

Saturday was on the one hand, brilliant, with fresh snowfall all day, but on the other hand, the mist and snow dropped visibility to almost nothing every now and then. That did mean I fell quite a few times, but at least there was fresh snow to cushion the blows :).

Sunday on the other hand, was out of a fairytale! The clouds disappeared to reveal a brilliant sunny day and the gorgeous slopes, just waiting to be explored! Of course that also meant the temperature was a bone chilling -16 degrees! We countered by stopping every couple of runs to thaw and enjoy the view. It was one of the best days of snowboarding ever. Not least because my own snowboard and boots I'd bought, way back in May, worked better than I could ever have dreamed!

For a change I managed to avoid the pitfall of that one last run, avoiding too many bruises :). It was a long drive back, but all in all a great way to kick off the snowboarding for this season!

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