Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Perfect snowflakes on Sundays

Wow! Okay, I've been way too busy! It's been a blur of weeks buried under too much work and weekends spent escaping from it as far away as I could! Mostly fairly successfully, I must say.

So I managed to follow up that awesome first weekend of snowboarding at Kvitfjell with an evening in Oslo, an attempted evening at the local slope here (which doesn't count so much as snowboarding as grinding circumspectly down an expanse of icy marbles), a full weekend at Trysil, and finally last Sunday at Kongsberg!

Ha! Sounds awesome when I say it like that, doesn't it?! Well, it was! :) I had not been back at Tryvann since early in the winter of 2010, and Trysil not since spring of that same year! I have indeed gotten somewhat better on a board, even if I say so myself :).

We never did get the same kind of spectacular bright sunshine as that Sunday at Kvitfjell, but there was more snow! Better powder of course comes with the price of colder temperatures, and boy was it cold at Trysil! This time however, I wasn't nearly as frightened of the t- and button lifts :). By Sunday afternoon we were practically at home at the complex maze of slopes and lifts that is Trysil skisenter!!

The weeks really do seem to disappear in a mist of frustration, meetings, drama and the occasional bright sunny view of the outside world that seems to be otherwise wreathed in a perpetual grey. It's gotten somewhat suddenly warmer since this last weekend. Which is making the hard earned snow disappear awfully fast :(.

I find myself crawling out of part hibernation. As someone pointed out, it seems related to the growing hours of daylight. Well, at this rate, I am quite looking forward to spring. But not just yet. Another weekend or two on the snowboard would do nicely!

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