Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Review review

See, here's why I like my blog! Barely anyone reads it, especially these days, and therefore the judgemental shakes of the head are likely to be at a minimum :D. Yes fb, eat your heart out on your bloody tenth birthday. 

(That has people flooding walls everywhere with unfortunate reminders of how much it has taken over social lives. And when it happens, we will wonder how the world got taken over by random bits of code floating around in the ether.)

Anyway, here I can rave about things like this and declare that first order of business when I get home today will be to watch Stardust for the nth time. It is totally awesome when reviews agree with one's own opinions :).

Feeling: listless
Listening to: The Script - Six degrees of separation


Hemamalini said...

Haha, what is with all the Facebook-bile? :)
Also re-read Stardust recently. Such an awesome book. You know what else I found awesome - started on Asimov and am wondering on what took me so long!

kray said...

hehe mostly random.

and yay!!! yes, Asimov totally rocks. what did you start with?

Hemamalini said...

It started with a collection of short stories stolen from someone else's bookshelf. Now am onto the Foundation series :D

kray said...

nice!! although, imo, the best set of short stories is I, Robot, so if you haven't read that one, please do. and once you are done with Foundation, might I suggest the Robot series? :)

jennifer anderson said...

yeah, everybodys micro blogging on fb