Monday, 7 April 2014

Weather tantrums

It gets better, then worse. Unbelievably, after a week of spectacular sunshine, it actually snowed this weekend!! I mean come on! Seriously? Winter, go away already! To add insult to injury India go and lose the first cricket match I find being broadcast live on Norwegian TV :(. The commentators' attempts at explaining the rules of cricket on live television did provide some light moments though :P.

Before that however, I made something of the sunshine and went exploring bits around the fjord I'd never visited, a couple of islands halfway between here and Oslo. Turned into a fantastic ride :).

Unbelievably enough, it's already a week into April! And that makes it a full year of my move here. Guess what? It's scary how fast it's gone. Not entirely surprising, I suppose. Next thing to do would be to switch over to that brand new set of summer tyres.

Assuming this stupidity with the weird unwelcome snow stops.

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Dyno Mike said...

Pleasant, cooling photos of the water sir.

Makes me want to go take a dip right now!

kray said...

that water, I dare say, is still a bit too cold for a dip.. :)