Wednesday, 28 May 2014

O time, where art thou?

Should I admit the obvious? That my blog, after close to nine years of steadily trotting along, has finally lost steam? I think not!

Life though, has been a mix of polar opposites. On the one hand there's work. We'll leave it at that. And then there's everything else :). In the last month (jeez, it has been that long) there were a few more trips on the bike. It's finally getting warm enough to dispense with the zillion layers and just go with shorts and tee-shirts :). And with that, hiking season's back too!

Then there was the Holmenkollstafetten. This time, I ran the main team, not because I'd finally got the courage, but because there was only one team :P. We did pretty well though, so that was nice. In the mean time I've finally hit a steady 2km on the swimming, which feels pretty good. Only took three months :D.

The National Day weekend this time was just that unfortunately, a weekend, just the two days. Having said that, we did make it to Oslo and had quite the fun day. I can honestly say it looked like everyone in the country had showed up! I've never seen so many people in Norway!

So there that is, the last month. And now I'm looking forward to the next four days. Decided to make it a long weekend and head off to Åndalsnes for some hiking. I hope the weather stays awesome, fingers crossed!

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