Thursday, 19 June 2014

How would you feel about life..

.. if Death was your older sister?

Best back cover ever! :D With the parental units in town for a couple of weeks, it appears I finally have some time! Go figure. But between trips around the fjords and the World Cup and sundry other things, I did manage to get my eyes over The Sandman vol 1.

What madness!! What glorious insanity! I'm not saying that I didn't go a bit 'whaaaaaat?' every now and again, but this is Gaiman, so that's more or less par for the course. But as far as opening instalments go, I was mighty impressed!

Currently: unimpressed by Spain
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Hemamalini said...

Hmm, have read all of Gaiman's books religiously, but haven't really read his graphic series - maybe i should!

kray said...

I'd been planning on reading Sandman for a while actually. also, apparently, it gets better! :D

Hemamalini said...

ooh am going to watch Neil Gaiman live (:P)- the truth is a cave in the black mountains :D

kray said...

whoah!!!! jealous!!! very! :)