Friday, 8 August 2014


It is sometimes difficult to capture a moment once it is past. It feels a bit like several sheets of glass superimposed, of varying transparency. Each with an image, some obscuring others and in turn being obscured, in a maze of colour. A sense, a feeling is all that is left and even that seems fleeting, hard to trap into a cage of words.

There have been many such moments since I last put anything down in this space. Moments in the sun, surrounded by lakes or fjords full of waves or flat as a mirror. Moments on stretches of grass or outcrops of rock and stone. Moments on sand and on strips of tarmac snaking past a dizzying variety of landscapes.

Then there were the nine days spent on that outcrop of sun, stone, wood and water some call Lofoten. Where the nice weather days look stunning and awe inspiring, and the bad weather days even more so. Where the edges of the world seem to draw closer and the amazing seems only an arm's length away.

Now I am back in the real world and it is just so hard to let go of the last remaining wisps of that other one that are fading away. One of these days I'll write a more coherent account of the trip. Maybe.

Feeling: amazed, still
Listening to: Ingrid Michaelson - Wonderful unknown (ft. Greg Laswell)

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