Thursday, 14 August 2014

Of raindrops and old techno music

Whenever I have one of these big stories stuck in my head (aka something I'd like to put in a proper post about, but am either lazy or busy or both, or neither even) I tend to stop posting other things as they happen. No great drama, I assure you, it's all mostly of the "Ooh! I went cycling again!" or "Woah! It's still sunny at 9pm." variety. Well it is, and yes, I did, not respectively.

Anyhow, it's the more random things, purple sails, for instance, that I feel bad about not posting. Also bizarreness of Chinese fortune telling, which, I assure you, appears to be entirely different from the bizarreness of Indian fortune telling. At least in my experience.

For a variety of reasons I've been walking around a bit more than cycling, and even cooking some. (Heh, I slipped that last one in all cool and quietly but really, I'm doing somersaults inside. Cooking, as in the proper food from scratch cooking, for me is what would qualify as being a B I G D E A L. :P)

Latest in a long series of realizations: I should not have started reading the already-published issues of Sandman: Overture till all of them were out. I just shouldn't have.

On the other hand, Guardians of the Galaxy was totally awesome :). Caught it on 3D last night, and couldn't stop laughing :D. If only all films were this much fun. Oh well.

In the mean time it's been pouring buckets. So much rain, that I was reminded of monsoon back in Asansol. Which is saying something. Looks like summer's over, and it's left behind a wet and limp sort of autumn. Wonder what winter's going to be like.

Currently: glad to be a car owner :P
Listening to: Darude - Feel the beat

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