Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wonderful unknown

It's almost like days have their own lives. Some days are groggier than others. Some are happier. Up bright and early and ready to get on with itself. Others seem to have had a long night and just want to stay curled up in slumber a little bit longer.

Today's a bit like that last one. Unhappy to be awake, and seemingly rather looking forward to a good night's sleep.

On some level, unexpected beauty is so much more thrilling than the more anticipated kind. Just the pure chance of it adds to the wonder. We saw quite the surprising display of Northern Lights last night, right here in Asker! Well, I imagine very few people would actually have noticed :).

What with the street lights and everything, it was barely visible in the beginning. But suddenly the thin strands of clouds playing beneath a field of stars seemed to shimmer and turn into something altogether more mesmerising!

We watched waterfalls turn into vast swaying curtains. Then into stars bursting into giant fire birds trailing waves of light. Appearing, disappearing, morphing, and even the faintest green tinge of colour in the sky an absolute joy to behold :).

Feeling: sleepy :)
Listening to: Beyonce - 7/11

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