Friday, 29 May 2015

A case of time travel through seasons

Endings inevitably bring memories. Nostalgia, sometimes. Maybe relief. Or regret?

Even when things aren't particularly close to one's heart there are bits of flotsam from the past that surface, even if briefly.

Not a bad thing necessarily. It's just hard to look in earnest for the beginnings that await on the other side. Much harder than to speak of them.

It isn't just the matter of the unknown. Although that plays a big part, I suspect.


I find myself unable to draw the straight lines of a narrative to join a series of photographs together. Not in a way that makes a story anyway. One that might make sense in, well, any sensible way :). Keeping that in mind, here goes.

There are certain images that have the capacity to completely warp the idea of seasons. Like summer in the midst of endless stretches of snow. But when that turns into spring flowers along very deep, very blue and very still water bodies, things start getting quite interesting.

There's something mesmerising in the way roads can wrap themselves around a landscape. Not big roads. Those just thrust and cut their way through. Little ones. Narrow and twisting ones. Ones where low speeds seem fast, and faster speeds feel incredible.

Clouds of mist thrown up by immeasurable amounts of water rushing over rock. Old rock. Getting slowly eroded into new shapes. The noise is terrifying in the quiet. But the views are spectacular. They tame your fear and draw you closer. Trapped in awe.

Some trips have a way of morphing from one kind of spectacular to another so rapidly and continuously that it is almost impossible to remember quite all of it :). But then that's Norway for you.

I'm glad I've chosen to stay.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

The kindness of stills

It's not like this is the first time I've thought this :). But hey, here goes anyway. The word kind is something I came across today in a documentary on Bill Cunningham. Used to describe how a photograph can be, and indeed should be, used to depict something. Or someone.

That's just my opinion. But then this is my blog, so. :)

It is of course possible to use photographs unkindly. Hurtfully even. But it is easy to use them kindly. Easier than on moving film. I suppose it's just a question of skill. The people who made BCNY did so very skilfully I'd say.


Yes, it has been a while since I've posted. In the mean time I've cycled a bit around new and sun-shiny islands. Run the annual stafetten a little worse than I could have. Driven a lot. Along fjords and over vast snow fields in what is almost summer.

And acquired a board game. It's no ludo, but it's not bad :).

Then there's been the other, more life changing sort of stuff, but then we don't talk about such things here. Let's consider instead, how some things throw others into sharper focus. By force of heightened contrasts. Not to stretch the photography metaphor, but sometimes you need a bad shot if only to compare the good ones with.

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