Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Time has mastered the mother of all ninja tricks. Its ability to creep up on you is what I refer to here. There are probably more lethal parallels that could be drawn, but let's leave that out of this for now :). Ten years. Sounds like a long time, doesn't it? Some days I wonder where they went.

A month even, that's how long it's taken me to get back to an update and I almost didn't notice. It looks like a slow (or maybe not quite so slow) slide to a stop. Or that I have run out of things to write about. Neither is the case, and now and again time presents a kind part of itself when nothing else has grabbed my attention or captured my imagination.

I was reading some very old posts recently. The 'oh! today I did this, or wow! today I saw this' and so on variety :). I suppose one may say the blog has grown up a little. And yet, thoughts and feelings remain just as elusive to capture and bind into words today as a decade ago. Except some moments. When the feelings seem to write themselves into lines and curves and angles that seem made just for them. Sentences, words.


The feeling has struck me not once, but several times in the past month or so, that this is summer, right now! The sense that maybe something else (or more) is about to come around the corner is all well and good, but likelier than not, that's autumn... The days feel like they last almost forever still, but they are getting shorter. For the first time in a while, tonight I notice the sky completely dark outside. Without even the slightest hint of twilight.

And when I think about it, we have had some fantastic days and weeks. Just not all together :). This has been a summer of collected days. The gold, blue and green appear in measured amounts. Thankfully, we have managed to make some good use of it :). Lazy walks and only slightly less lazy rides. Lying amidst seemingly endless green, looking up at endless blue.

There is of course, more of summer yet, but I will be away for a part of that. I can hardly believe the long overdue trip to India is only a handful of days away! I've had my flights booked for a third of a year now, of course, a lot has happened in between :).


It's funny how catching up with someone and trailing fingers through collective intertwined strands of memories brings so much else back. Here's to more adventures and thoughts.

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