Thursday, 27 August 2015

Land of ice and fire

This has been one of those ridiculously awesome trips! :-) Each day has been spectacular and often for different reasons. But not a moment has been dull. We've been hiking around the southern bit of Iceland close to glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, rivers and glacial plains for four days now and it's been achingly beautiful for the most part. The rest has been dominated by biblically awful weather. :-) Yup, it's been a trip like no other.

And there's still two more days. Hopefully one for hiking and half of another to fit in a short walk before we head back to Reykjavik and then onward back to Asker. The weather looks promising!

Snowfields in blizzards, strings of spectacular waterfalls, range upon range of craggy mountains, the many shades of volcanic ash fueled green between molten metal coloured rocks. And vast fields of black sand and gravel. Rivers meandering along giant flat valleys surrounded by sheer mountain walls. This is a landscape like no other! And I live in Norway!  :-)

I'm glad that we decided to make it an exclusively hiking trip. Maybe we come back another time to explore more of this country in a car, but for a start I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Of course, my legs feel otherwise, but they will recover. The memory of these landscapes are more than worth the effort. :-)

Feeling: tired happy :-)
Listening to: Icelandic radio :-D

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