Friday, 30 October 2015

Trapped between autumn and winter

If I were to keep with the last post heading then this one would end up called sleepy and cold drizzly greyness. But that wouldn't be entirely fair. Since my last post, there have been some really lovely days :). Beautifully autumn coloured and bright. 

It has been getting darker though. The change out of daylight saving time only serving to accentuate the early onset of evening. Inevitably I've started hoping for snow, but of course this is way too early for that :). It's not even that cold yet, although the time is ripe for winter tyres...

Looking back through posts from the last couple of years just confirms the feeling I have about this bit of the year, that once the colour's faded from the trees things get a bit despondent. Fortunately though, I've managed to get some time out to enjoy said colours before they all ended up on the pavement.

One good thing about this sort of weather is that it's perfect for running :). Once you've managed to calibrate the layers of clothing correctly to the temperature that is. Somehow between one thing and another I did very little cycling this summer. Well, 800 km or so isn't exactly nothing, but not quite the same as the last couple of summers. More often than not I found myself opting for lazier walks in the sunshine than cycle rides. I suppose a change of pace is not a bad thing from time to time. But it's meant that I feel the lack of fitness somewhat :).

On the upside, there's a fair bit of travel to look forward to. Short trips, weekends really. And that ends up meaning more time spent travelling than enjoying the travelling... Oh dear, this is beginning to sound like a bit of a distressing post isn't it?! :D I blame it all squarely on the weather!

On to other recent activities, finally got around to watching some of the less spectacular cinematic offerings of late, namely the new Hitman reboot and the latest Mission Impossible. I guess with such films it's good to have appropriate expectations :). For me they turned out to be the perfect combination of silly story lines and mindless action :D. I am hoping for a bit more from the new Bond though! Although in many ways I'm more excited about the bespoke Aston and Jag cars the film features than the rest of it :).


Ever have the feeling your head's somewhere else? I've been having that feeling lately, although in this particular case it hasn't left a forwarding address. Well, it's left behind a minimum necessary contingent to maintain basic operations. Hibernation seems like a good idea. Luckily the weekend is almost here :P.

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