Friday, 25 March 2016

The allure of turning thoughts into words

A friend recently returned from a six month trip to Central and South America. While on the trip she kept us posted on her amazing experiences through her blog. One that, might I add, I helped convince her to start :D. There is a special sort of enjoyment, I find, in following others' experiences through their own words. Not just snapshot images, or short lines of text. Now that she's back home though, the posts have stopped. Not surprisingly, it was a travel blog.

I go through bouts of guilt when I see the date tag on the latest post that greets me on the blog these days. And when it gets too bothersome I post a bit of what surfaces from the last month or more that had no mention. I don't give much thought to why I like (and consequently miss) blogging. Writing, really.

But today for some reason I find myself taking a closer look. There is something to writing. Not just creative writing, any writing that's a translation of wisps and tendrils of thought churning deep within into something more tangible. There are moments of greater or lesser clarity. Some where the translation from thought to word seems clear and sharp, others when it's all a bit foggy. Still, every time, there's a thrill in some ways.

I suppose when I read I imagine some of the same going on. Although mostly I just read the stories.

Then there's the thrill of spilling thoughts and feelings and such into the light of the world outside. The potential for harsh dissection exists. But rarely does the reality of life live up the fantastic projections of a fearful mind :). And over time the knowledge of this makes one bolder.

There seemed to have been more. Thoughts lurking on the edge of consciousness that have been spooked by the light. That have since retreated to the darker corners beyond knowing. No matter. There are clearly reasons enough to keep going. If only to re-discover the thrill of writing every now and again :).

More on the snow that is slowly melting away another time...

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