Saturday, 31 December 2016

Many skis and a snowboard

Posting from the phone has never been my favourite thing, but one must make an exception when it comes to the end of year post :-). And especially this year, when much has happened!

Looking back at new year's eve last year, there was the beautiful snowy weekend with friends in the hills north of Lillehammer! From then on there's been a lot of travel, and I'm extremely happy to say, none of it was for work! :-)

There was that period of a month or two early in the year when I couldn't travel while waiting for the permanent residence. Which brings me to another rather important thing that got sorted out this year. The permanent residence makes life a lot easier with uncertainties that abound.

But back to all the travelling! There was the May road trip around the west coast and the June one around the south coast. There were also the trips to the US, France and the Netherlands! Most of which was visiting family or travelling with family. There were also all the trips to the UK! So a healthy mix of Norway and beyond.

In the end this summer was a mix of running swimming and cycling, but not very much of either :-). The autumn kinda came and went rather quickly for a change, and then came the early winter! And for the last week of the year we decided to celebrate the festive time with family in Geilo!

There was a lot of snow soon after we arrived and since then it's been almost non stop skiing! Some cross country and a lot of downhill. But for the last couple of days it's become a bit warmer and consequently very icy. Probably for the best as a week of skiing every day can rather wear one out! Although all the active stuff has been handy in burning up all the good food that's been on offer :-).

So it's been a year of seeing places, but more of seeing people. Some familiar, many new. Life is moving forward in ways I would not have expected some time ago :-).

Listening to the wind and the constant rush of water flowing in the river just outside, it is hard not to be amazed at the world that surrounds us. I suppose it is easy to get drawn into the unhappiness and discontent being broadcast all over. But life carries on nonetheless, and happiness is in finding oneself content to look around and remember the good bits :-).

Here's hoping for another year of good surprises, things working out better than expected and remembering to cherish the small things!