Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Memories, like fingerprints

This has to be the least work I've done in the first month of the year since moving to an office job :). The fantastic Christmas - New Year holidays ended on the 1st with a nice drive back to Asker, and barely ten days later, off we were on a trip to India!! And now that I'm back, it seems to have all passed in a bit of a daze!

And it wasn't just any India trip. This one had a definite greatest hits album sort of vibe to it :). For one thing I hadn't been back in the winter for a while, and the clear blue skies (without skin melting heat) that greeted us on every single day for two weeks were a great start. :)

Old places I hadn't made the time to visit in many years were visited. The school for instance, where I hadn't been for almost ten years. And the first place I grew up, which I hadn't seen in maybe twenty. (It's a bit crazy to think I have clear, consistent memories of places, people and events that have happened over two decades ago. I mean, it's not unusual to expect this once you're in your thirties. I know this. But it is a bit unreal to sort of face that fact.)

There's nothing like a trip to old neighbourhoods to make you think back on things that had hidden themselves in the back of your mind. Not big things necessarily, just details. Little things that used to pack themselves densely and gave life a sense of solidity. It's a bit like all those things you never think of saying when you are describing something to someone who wasn't there. You don't even realise you are leaving things out, but invariably you are. 

Sometimes you just have to go back and take a look. And although much may have changed, the bits that remain are enough to remember just what the sunshine felt like on a winter morning long long ago as you stood in that same spot.

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