Sunday, 30 April 2017

A rush of blood to the head

Another month another blink of the screen.

Hehe that's of course total plagiarism, but sounds good doesn't it?! A Blink of the Screen, in fact, is the name of an interesting collection of short stories by the late Terry Pratchett. With stories spanning many decades and each prefaced with an enlightening little bit of background by the author, it is almost autobiographical in a way. But I digress.

Another month gone by breathtakingly fast. Another trip to the UK over Easter. Back in Bath this time after over 6 months! To think that up until a couple of years ago I'd never actually been to England :-). (A night at Gatwick airport obviously doesn't count.) And this time the weather was exceptionally nice! Not a single day of rain while we were there! And spring in all its colourful glory!

And then we got back to Norway and there was snow! In fact it didn't stop there! Saturday last week, I decided it was finally far enough into the year for summer tyres, and promptly on Monday morning there was half a foot of snow outside!! At the end of April! I mean, where was all this snow in January?! Did it get lost? Like some of those packages that seem to get lost in transit sometimes, travelling round and round between warehouses where no one knows what to do with them...

Maybe not. But the weather's been very weird lately. Hopefully the warmth will appear soon and fill everywhere with colours and flowers and all that spectacular spring stuff :-).

The other thing to look forward to, a trip to the States! New York this time, after a gap of almost four years, and some long overdue meeting up with friends. Weddings are good for that :-D.

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