Tuesday, 6 September 2005


My third trip in the small boat, and yes, finally the Sun was shining! I realised that leaving behind my safety glasses had been a mistake, the glare was blinding. The light is so bright that you cannot possibly look up at the sky (any part of it, even far away from the sun), and the rippling waters below do a brilliant job of making sure you are squinting hard to see anything at all. But in a while I could feel one very major difference, with the sunshine, the cold was much less pervasive. The wind was still biting, but when I got back today, it took me substantially less time to thaw :D.
Having gathered my bearings in the previous trips, and the confidence that under most conditions it wasn't too difficult to stay within the boat, I decided to take my camera with me. The aim was to capture a bird floating on the water, but I was deprived of that pleasure. But looking at the prop-wash of the work-boat I couldn't but think of the similarity between the waves we left behind and the splashing tail of a diving whale!

Ya I know, it always looks better for real than in pictures. What to do. But today I gained renewed faith in my camera. The sea was choppy and spray was raining onto us within the work-boat. Especially on me since I chose to stand right up front at the bows :P. And I had the cam in my hand for the most part. Despite the copious amounts of sea water that splashed on it, my cam was working just fine! Of course it helps that the micro sized lens is so much easier to guard :D.

We should never start counting the days! Since I started counting the days that remained for me to sign off, that is all I've been thinking about. And I tell you, it's such a pain to keep finding your thoughts turning to the calculation of the number of hours left, and then trying to reduce that number by underhand means like deducting hours spent sleeping etc.


What I'm passing off as today's sunset :P :


Hemamalini said...

Your real aim was to capture the bird that sits happily on the ocean ,as if it is a water-bed?;) that would have been damn cool. I am really curious to know what that bird really is!

kray said...

Okay, lets not allow things to get so complicated! I was just trying to take a pic of a bird while it was floating on the water, you know, like they do to rest for a bit, like ducks! :|

Hemamalini said...

YOU are talking about writing things ina complicated way?the pot calling the kettle black?!