Monday, 20 March 2006

Jottings... on the fly.

11:24 pm, 17th March -

Stepped into the national capital today. Struck me as rather neat. The roads that is. The traffic was anything but! And I thought Kolkata was bad /:). The expected half-hour of aimless circling over the Indira Gandhi airport due the excessive rush was nice. Looking down on the spectacularly lit vista I was wondering if I would ever be able to recognise landmarks here as I can over Mumbai or Kolkata. Probably not.

10:55 pm, 18th March -

The room I had in the Aurobindo Ashram guest house, Tapasya, was really nice! Stepped out onto the balcony this morning (early for a change, Mum insisted on me having breakfast :|), and found a bunch of bright green parrots on the tree outside, playing what looked like a rather intricate variant of musical chairs! :D

My stay in Delhi was short though. I'm in Noida now. And in case you didn't know (I didn't), Noida's in like a whole different state! UP to be precise. It's great to be with my baby cousin again. All of twenty years younger than me, the poor kid's just back home from a 12 day stay in the hospital, and loving it :).

11:00 pm, 19th March -

Forayed back into Delhi for the evening, and what an evening! Was extremely fortunate to be able to watch a Hindustani classical vocal recital by Lakshmi Shankar. Her voice, completely mesmersing , was truly a study in infinite intricacy and supreme subtlety!

And I also managed a passing glimpse of the India Gate! :D It's bigger than the Gateway of India :(. And has a bigger park around it. They always manage to make it bigger in the capital :|.

Feeling: relaxed :)
Listening to: Tracy Chapman - Cold feet


Hemamalini said...

[wide ,wide grin]so,four years back, your cousin would have been -2[your borrowed logic;p]

histrionix said...

@hema:This is the kind of statement that would have elicited an eye-popping "give uppp" from Kray even a year back. But ever since he's started working....

@Kray: This is Sara, whom we met last yr right? Have they moved to Noida?

udit said...

delhi = bombay's tax money at work

anyway, kray, you seem to be having another one of your vacations! You seem to do less work than me even and I'm still in university :p

also, if you convince schlum to send you to houston, we will have sushi which is my current favourite food except that it's way too expensive to have on a regular basis while still a rather broke student. sad.

Akshi said...

Yes Kray, some job you have. One month of work and 2 months of vacation!
And now I'll try to sell Richmond :D. If you some here, you can have half price sushi on Monday nights after 10 pm at this nice restaurant close to my place. Same applies to Histrionix also. Come here fast! :D

histrionix said...

@akshi: I am coming to Richmond soon. Maybe in 8 months at the most. WIll this sushi offer still be on?

Anonymous said...

Totally! :D Why 8 months though? I'm sure you can make it before that.


histrionix said...

I don't leave before august from here. 8 months from now is november. So we shall Definitely meet by then. That is latest, basically. Am I making sense?

kray said...

baap re! so many comments!! :P

@ hema: hurrrr! I'll deal with you in KL >:)!

@ histrionix: oye dayaa only! And yes, that is Sara.

@ udit: okay, this was a faar from lukhha trip. But it was nice, met loads of relatives, and now meeting junta in insti. More in the next post.

@ akshi: I DONOT work 1 month with 2 months off!!! Now on, I'll be working 3 for every month I get off!!! :((

Hemamalini said...

@histrionix.:D trivia- this -2 funda was a statement by kray which elicited an eye popping- 'WHAT' from his boss;)

kray-hmmph,im quaking in my shoes:P

Anonymous said...

Yes Kray, we've come upon hard days haven't we! Imagine working for THREE months for every one month of!