Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Who needs these thoughts..

Nobody is most likely the answer, but nevertheless, here goes. Watching some people over the last few days has strengthened my belief that the best people to be around are the ones who are really kids at heart :). Despite the whole devil in miniature thing, kids are basically idealists. They get easily excited about things, easily depressed with setbacks. When they grow up of course, most of that disappears. And as for those in whom it lingers, they figure out sooner or later that it's a rather heavy burden to carry and try to cover up. But every now and then tell-tale signs slip out, and I find it quite thrilling when one of these catches my eye.

On a more 'daily-log' note, we've finally got the last bit of equipment on board, and it's such a refreshing thing to see nothing hanging off the back-deck! We've also speeded up to about triple the usual apeed, and are finally heading for Singapore.

The huge wake hypnotizes. The thundering of the water churned up by the propellers (caught unawares at actually being forced to work somewhat hard) makes for an uncanny music. The darkness has settled all around in a twinkling veil. There is no moon tonight, and the stars are out in all their glory.

Feeling: tired + bruised -> sleepy
Listening to: Tracy Chapman - Fast car


histrionix said...

Get me an intro with these kids at heart:)

Yo said...

just checking in, since your blog had the name i wanted for mine. ;)

kray said...

@ histrionix: ah, that might prove a wee bit difficult :)

@ yo: just love that song :)