Friday, 28 April 2006

Arghhh :(

After a full shift of back-deck work I find that we are not in fact going to port in Dampier, but merely into anchorage!! I mean c'mon!!! You can actually see land, but can't get to it! Because some nutcases decide there's not enough space!! Totally feeling like killing someone or something. Or would have felt like it if I were a little less tired :(. There goes my kangaroo :-<.

Well, back deck wasn't that terrible actually:

Rigs spotted with massive flares visible with the naked eye over 20 miles away : 1
Rigs spotted lit up like a christmas tree in the night: 1
Water snakes seen slithering sideways in the ocean: at least 15
Flying fish seen gliding for over 100 m: 4
Birds seen trying to perch on incoming streamer (despite Richie trying very hard to make it fly away so I couldn't take a pic): 1
Times I pissed Richie off by speaking animatedly with another crew-mate in Hindi while he tried very hard to figure out if we were dissing him: too many :P
Times I hit my head on the fairleads (huge thingies on the back-deck that I keep hitting) to Richie's (and pretty much everyone else's) intense amusement: 12 :|

Heh! Of course I took the pic :D. It's a little shaky tho, thanks to somebody pushing me, no prizes for guessing who.
Right, now to sleep.

ps. Richie is my boss :D.

Feeling: amazed at the number of cuts, scratches etc that have appeared on my hands in just 12 hours!
Listening to: Elliot Smith - Angels


Anonymous said...

Dear Kray,
I read your blog. It is very interesting. I'm not so sure if I'm particularly keen on seeing flying fish, they sound creepy. Personally I think they should stick to swimming. Spotting dolphins and kangaroos would be really cool though. Richie sunne mein achcha boss lagta hai. Asha hai woh tumse zyaada kaam nahin karata. You seem to've grown darker. You should not stay out in the sun too much. Have you been drinking too much tea? It is nice to know that you enjoy photography a lot. Reading is also a very good habit. I hope you finish reading GOST soon.

Take care and keep posting,

Hemamalini said...

i am also gussed dampier. 6 hrs of winching. scratches. no w ater snake also:P only some fireflies.

i want holiday.i want holiday..

btw, ur life seems to revolve arnd richie:P..or..does he still read ur blog?:))

kray said...

@ anon: thanks! nice to know my life keeps ppl interested :D. and yes, Richie's cool boss, but he does make us work aur asses off :(. from the darker bit I'm assuming I know u? to remain anonymous is of course ur prerogative.. but it wud be nice to be able to aim the thank you at a face :)

@ hema: oi! u just had ossum holiday in malaysia!!!! and I'm hoping Richie doesn't read my blog these days :P

Akshi said...

Yes Kray, you do know me :p. Was in one of those weird moods at work :D. I'm disappointed though that you didn't try to guess.

kray said...

@ akshi: aah! u only kya :P. arrey, sorry for the disappointment re, blame it on the job :( too tired at the end of shift.. oh, I saw dolphins!!!! I saw dolphins!!!!! :D:D:D

Richie said...

"Richie sunne mein achcha boss lagta hai. Asha hai woh tumse zyaada kaam nahin karata."

very funny, now what does that mean Mr anonymous?