Saturday, 8 April 2006

Happy birthday!!

To my newborn cousin brother! As if having 2 cousins two full decades younger wasn't enough, I now have one twenty-two years younger :D!! To think that by the time this kid is old enough to go to high school, I'll already be middle-aged!!! Makes me feel like I'm already too old... :-<.

And already there are those irritating comparisons! I mean comeon!! The kid's barely six hours old, how can you tell if he'll look more like me or my older, more handsome looking cousin?!!! /:)

Met a friend a couple of days back under extremely unlikely circumstances. We'd been literally following each other around in Mumbai and Delhi, and had my Malaysian visa not been rejected, would have been the same story all over again in Kolkata! Fate?.. Naah, not feeling that lucky :D. But it was a rather intricate coincidence!

Found out that my best friend from high school is shifting to Mumbai in June. Coincidentally, the last of my batchmates in hostel are passing out in the same month. So although my erstwhile place of residence in the city is gone, another has very obligingly cropped up :D. Yes yes, all those people I went around telling 'I don't know if I'll ever come back here' can go, "We told you so!!" :P.

Currently am totally taken with two bands that have been around for a long time, but in whom I had never invested much time or liking! INXS and AC DC. Back in Black rocks, btw!!

Feeling: excited!!
Listening to: INXS - Afterglow


histrionix said...

Your family is trying to figure out if he'll look like you? I thought these comparisons were made with the parents and not cousins. Anyway enjoy the limelight while it lasts:P

kray said...

@ histrionix: /:) it's not exactly feature matching that I was talking abt.

Hemamalini said...
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