Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Speed demon!

Didn't know it was still there, lurking at the back of my mind. But with repeated power cuts through the day, additional net and cable outages, the increasing heat and humidity all piling up, I figured I'd either kill myself or do something very stupid. The latter seemed a safer choice. So I took the car out for a spin on the emptiest road I could think of.

Blazing down the bypass with the window down at a hundred thirty-five, watching the fields, the ponds, the coconut palms all whizz by in a dizzying blur and the Sun setting over the sea of green as if in fast-forward. Aahhhh! I've missed that pure rush of blood to the head for too long!!

Feeling: wild >:)
Listening to: Lunatic Calm - Leave you far behind


Prateek said...

Abey, why would the sun set in fast forward? Uska motion to tere motion ke perpendicular tha na? Unless you were driving east, in which case you would be seeing the sun in you rear-view mirror. Or maybe you were going fast enough to dilate time in your frame appreciably?

(I seriously planned a "nice" comment re. Nahin ho paata :P)

kray said...

@ prateek: /:) before we get into another one of those long and pointless, overly technical things.. try it sometime :D or rather, try it post august, u won't have to worry about potholes on a highway :P