Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Whoooshh. . .

Seas always turn out so different from each other! Of course I only have the rather meagre experience of sailing on four, and one might argue that the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean don't count as different. But while the former, with it's overly calm weather, struck me much like a pond (a hugeass pond no doubt, but still), the stretch of water I'm in now could almost dupe you into believing you were at the beach! Just that it would be a bloody tiny island. And it would be floating. But that wasn't the point. The rolling waves rushing in, only to break forcefully into a million pieces and then slipping back into the inky black. It's so like gazing over Worli seaface at night!!

The best part is watching the white heads rear up from the complete darkness all around and thrash against the ship's side. The shudder it sends through the entire ship, and through me as I lean over the stern, the huge froth of spray that goes shooting back into the sea, instant extacy :). It's fun to try and predict the next big burst too! You go ballistic when you are right to the split second, turn as if there was someone you could say "I knew that would happen" to, grow just a little sadder when nobody's there.

But then there was suddenly a different, erratic, out of place bunch of splashes in the heaving water. It took me a while to realise that the streaking spot of silver was the old flying fish from my Mayanmese trip! A huge big bunch of them actually :D. If you tried to see them you couldn't find even one, but when you weren't looking, you'd catch one bounding from one wave to another in the corner of your eye :). Caught up with another acquiantance today, spotted the Milky Way in the clear moonless sky. Then of course there had to be the big gull type thing that swung out of the night and scared the living daylights out of me!!! Didn't they say that birds don't fly at night? And this was no owl in the middle of the ocean :|.

Tchah! I'm terrible at this shit ain't I?! I'm sure I couldn't get across even an iota of the magic of my evening leaning off the back-deck :(. That's why I like pictures, you don't need so many words... Then again there are times when I look at an old picture, only to have the real shatter the wonderful image of memories laced with a dash of euphoria and a pinch of optimistic imagination :-<.

Feeling: optimistic :D
Listening to: Silk Route - Dooba dooba

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