Sunday, 21 May 2006

Little joys, tiny sorrows. . .

Working on the back deck isn't too bad by itself. I get to see the sunsets, stand in the cool breeze watching the seagulls. On a rough day like this afternoon, I get to see the tips of the tallest waves snipped of by the wind and the resulting fine spray creating a momentary but strikingly clear rainbow!

It's only when the days roll into weeks that the outlook begins to change :P. But I'm hoping that won't happen this time :).

This would have been just an ordinary day, except for the little bird that flew in and crashed unceremoniously on the cable-deck floor around 11 in the night! We picked it up a couple of times to let it fly off again, only to see it crash headlong into something or other each time :(. Figuring that it was probably thoroughly exhausted, we got it some food and a little bit of water, but the bird wasn't interested. I figured we might as well let it fly away and perched it on the railing. But a couple of tentative flaps made it clear that even if it did fly off, it wouldn't make it too far.

Sorry about the shaky pic,
but I was worried another exposure to the bright orange pre-shot light
might scare the poor thing to death :(

So I just put it into a bucket so it wouldn't fly into a cable reel or something. And a crew-mate, who has a mildly annoying habit of addressing all living organisms of undetermined sex as 'she', almost broke the poor thing's neck trying to forcefeed it tiny particles of bread :|. In all this commotion it was suddenly shift change, so we cautioned the other chaps about the bird, hoping they wouldn't throw a spanner or wrench into the bucket assuming it to be empty.

I was kinda hoping I'd be able to see the bird tomorrow, maybe find it in better shape and see it fly off in the daylight. But that was not to be. I heard just now that it'd taken the plunge into the night and while it might be doing fine... something tells me this is another false hope :-<.

Feeling: disappointed
Listening to : The Waifs - Take it in


Hemamalini said...

It would have starved to death man(i even tried to feed it fish with my vegetarian hands:|

kray said...

:) it's ok, I'm not blaming you!!

but really, fish?! /:)

Hemamalini said...

'blaming me'?!?!

kray said...

there was a NOT in the statement somewere :|

Hemamalini said...

Hmm..i forgot the :P at the end, and it sounds so different!!