Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Sailing away

Out in the open sea again. Left Dampier a few hours back. I was kinda' getting used to the idle spinning of the ship lying without propulsion in the currents, the scenery rotating ever so slowly and so perfectly that the docks stayed to starboard all day, but miraculously ended up off the port beam after nightfall!
I was quite sad to leave behind the dolphins actually. And the big barracudas that jumped out of the water every now and then to catch me completely off-guard.... The little beach houses with their white-sand beaches and white speed boats, and the promise of a life of my dreams.

My first mango of the season! Or what would be the beginning of the mango season back home. No clue what season it is here. Nonetheless, had one of the huge Aussie mangoes that had appeared suddenly in the mess. And though it wasn't as sweet, reminded me of the season-starters in Asansol :).

Current mood: missing the dolphins :(
Listening to: Dido - Thank you

More Dampier pics!

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