Monday, 28 August 2006

P n P

1400: Friday, 25th August

About to write more than a memo or a few notes on a sheet of paper after a fair while. And it's on the blank backside of a now useless printout :|. Pathetic it is, this hyper dependance on electronics. Yes, still waiting to get my laptop fixed.

Got lugged around unwillingly on a trip around Perth last night thanks to a driver who mistook 'a city hotel in Perth' for 'the City Hotel, Perth' :-<. The latter, incidentally, does not exist. And this, after majorly delayed choppers thanks to unknown mechanical failures.

Discovered this morning, rather to my dismay that it's currently the season for cloudy skies and sudden downpours here. I've never quite been the one for dancing in the rain, not with a cellphone in my pocket /:).

The chopper ride out from the ship to Barrow was pretty cool actually, finally managed to get my own aerial pics of the Trident :D. It looks quite tiny from the sky!

Weekend's coming up. With the cam running out of space and the iPod running out of charge, it'll be the King's Park benches with Foucault's Pendulum, listening to the distant honks of traffic and ferries I suppose...

Maybe I should get some stationary and start writing a proper journal. Sheets of paper are somewhat less likely to sputter and die on you.

Currently: shocked at the state of my handwriting :O
Listening to: Oasis - Lyla
Update: Still no laptop. No rains since Friday morning :). Weekend = EPL gameweek 3 live :D.


Hemamalini said...

Is this new hotel close to King's park , kray?

kray said...

lot closer than the last one :) and it's a bunch of apartments, not a hotel!