Thursday, 2 November 2006


Had the shortest boat trip ever! Well, almost had one rather :P. The boat was swung out from the ship's side, we put the gear into it. Before that we put on our raincoats and all of that. Skip went a step further and donned a wet-suit! I at least went out into the boat to put in the gear, poor Skip hadn't even stepped into it when there were frantic signals from the bridge! Abort the trip! Weather's too rough! Normally in such a situation I'd be the most depressed person around, and I was! I'd finally managed to bite the bullet and packed my cam into a zip-loc bag and into my pocket, guarded under the life jacket! I'd even made the smart choice of picking up a pair of Wellingtons instead of my regular boots which take like forever to dry up after each trip. But today there was Skipster looking so gutted that I couldn't possibly complain :).

Something has landed me straight back to one of my first trip habits. I religiously go watch the sunrise everyday (one has to adapt :P). And given that we have travelled northwards, the fact that I have to be back at my station before 6 am does not mean that I'll miss the sunrise by millimetres almost!! Anyways, so the shutter's been blinking often enough again.I couldn't help being reminded of the tungsten electrodes from spectroscopy lab by today's sunrise though :D.

Feeling: chirpy!
Listening to: Jack Johnson - Better together

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