Monday, 18 December 2006

Hop, skip and splash! (I wish :-<)

I almost had my bag lost by the airline, but the rest of crew change went awesomely well :D. Despite the hour and fifteen minute delay, I still had a good hour to catch up with Udit. Not enough after a year and a half one might say, but I'm happy under the circumstances :).Watched Miami Vice on the flight to Perth. For all the hype, the only high point in the movie for me was when I discovered One of These Mornings (Moby) was part of the soundtrack :P. The the rather early Christmas dinner wasn't too bad, except that it left me with too little time to catch up with my crazy Perth flatmate (:P) :(. (And also ditch impromptu Casino Royale late-night show plan :|.)

And of course, it was off to the back deck pretty much as soon as we stepped off the choppers. I was looking forward to getting back to the ship, and some peace and quiet. What on earth was I thinking?!!!!!!!

Feeling: tired, bruised etc.. you know the routine :-<
Listening to: Everclear - Santa Monica


Anu said...

Crazy Perth flatmate! Sounds like a totally amazing and incredibly fun person.
:D :D :D
*thoroughly tickled*

Guess who else is listening to Moby right now?

Whoa.. 'In My Heart' just started playing. I love Winamp shuffle :D

Saikat said...

You're growing old, hedu.
Too much work at the refinery hardly find time to write...
You planning to visit any new continent sometime soon?

kray said...

@ anu: =)) okay someone's totally taken with Moby :D

@ saikat: huh? I'm growing old?!! tsk tsk :P. new continents? nahi re, not in the near future... but maybe South America :D.