Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Slipping away

Thieves in the night. They steal from you your dreams while in your sleep you dream them. You wake up with a start. As if from a dream, but you can't be sure, 'cos you can't remember. You lie awake till the alarm rings. You get up and brush your teeth. You walk out into the half frozen half molten sunlight and see the school kids waiting for their dad. You suddenly remember, and begin to wonder, what was it? Was it something nice? You hope it was. At least you were happy while you slept.

Feeling: lucky
Listening to: Avril Lavigne - Things I'll never say


Saikat said...

Long Time Hedu... looks like you spend half your year near Australia. Whatever happened to the happy narratives? Started sounding slightly grave these days !!

kray said...

hey! well, I actually did spend about three quarters of my year in or around australia :)