Thursday, 28 June 2007

"But why is all the rum gone?"

Oh boy :). I read somewhere the other day that when they made the first Pirates movie, Cap'n Jack Sparrow was merely a side character!!! That's right, morons come is all shapes and sizes it would seem. But Johnny Depp set things right. Watched Pirates 3 last night! I'd been warned by Roswitha about the mad leaps the story takes, but I came out completely blown away :D and clutching my sides :P. It was a good thing that there were exactly 9 other people in the theatre and most of them were too busy, one way or another, to notice my guffaws during the movie.

I must say, this was a hell of a lot more fun than 2. Let me clarify, I'm not saying 2 was bad. You know those people, to whom you say anything bad about any of the Matrix movies, even the horrendous heart-pumping scene in Reloaded, and they look for ways to get to your heart? To rip it out? I'm like that when it comes to The Pirates of the Caribbean. Well almost, so be forewarned :P. But yes, there were a few times during 2 when I felt a little lost. (I blame it on the circumstances :D.) The only thing I'd ever remove from Pirates is probably Orlando Bloom. Actually, maybe not, he does the part of the bungling idiot of a pirate wannabe quite convincingly :|.

And maybe they shouldn't have reused the closing lines from the last one... Though on that quarter Black Pearl can not be bettered :). For the sea indeed is freedom. You have to see it to believe it. No, not the way I sail it :-<. But I wish I could, oh how I wish... sometimes.

Also saw Shrek the Third! Good fun it was too :). I also found out that Ocean's 13 is running for another week, so I have some more time. And Transformers releases today! Sometimes the movie season just goes into overdrive to thrill :D.

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vishnoi said...

u talk of movies, and u don't mention Sivaji-the Boss, or Aap Kaa Surroor!

come on yaar, be an indian sometimes ;)

histrionix said...

@ Vishnoi: There's a poster of Sivaji-The boss in my town! On my street! And I heard its music live a few weeks back though I had no clue what it was:D

@ Kray: You liked Shrek 3???!!! Oh well...

kray said...

@ vishnoi: abbey there are no Hindi movies running in these parts.. and when I'm back home I'm too busy to go watch anything mostly :-<

@ histrionix: okay, the last new movie I'd watched before Shrek 3 was Ghost Rider :| my expectations were obviously less than sky high! and well, it did have it's moments :)

Sriram P said...

Ahoy there! Matey... Totally with you on this one.. This is one of the trilogies which I really enjoyed after LOTR.. I cant think of any other trilogy series which was as enthralling as the pirates.. Havent seen Shrek yet.. Oceans13 was ok.. Pop corn movie..

Sing along... Yo ho ho.. and a pirate's life is fun.. :)

kray said...

@ sriram: and guess what? there might actually be more sequels :)