Sunday, 10 June 2007


Back in Bangkok. For a mere 5 hours this time /:). Not feeling too grumpy though, slept through most of the nine hour flight from Melbourne in what is a tremendous breakthrough! It gives me hope :D. My success in dealing with fairly regular super-long train journeys between home and college was completely due to my ability to sleep away most of the travel time, whereas hitherto I've been unable to replicate that ability on flights! All that seems set to change! And with the regular 10-13 hour flights looming large over the horizon, that's a very good thing :).
Anyway, so crew-change went through without a problem! Despite some sporadic squalls every now and then shrouding the ship in swirling mist. I'll put up more on the nice chopper-ride out and the subsequent afternoon spent gallivanting around Melbourne at some future time when my head isn't feeling quite as full of lead. Right, now back to bugging airport ground staff to give me my boarding pass for the flight home!

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