Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Muddy water

In a little while the world around me changes. I look, sometimes bemused, sometimes distraught. And sometimes I look away. I remember everything. 'Cos nothing I have forgotten has ever come back to remind me. I am the lone fisherman.

I am the proverbial one-way street. Though the wind tries sometimes, to blow the other way. Down beyond the horizon it is strong. The wind makes the flow. Here I am stronger, and all it can do is make little ripples, skin-deep. I am the river, wide before I am lost in the sea.I am old. I wonder if those that trust in me are hoping for too much. Wrinkles and cracks. They are the ones that keep me company. Wisdom is a word. I think I like senility better. They say as long as there is life, there is hope. How can that be true when tied down and still, I have let the world pass me by. No, not even the flood can scare me now, all I want is to go home. I am the wooden boat.

It's official. I'm finally living out of a bag at home. I will unpack when I get to the hotel. :-<

Feeling: blue
Listening to: Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle


Anu said...

This post is making me go "Hmmmmmm".


I'm fully aware you won't reply to this pointless comment :))

Saikat said...

This one's very unlike you.

kray said...

@ anu: just to prove u wrong :P

@ saikat: times change, and so do people :)