Friday, 22 June 2007

One down!

That's one shiny sticker, my US Visa :D. The actual interview was yesterday, but I just got back my passport now and saw the thing for real :). Yesterday, the only hiccup had been trying to explain the fact that I live on a boat :|. It might have helped had I said ship instead of boat I suppose, but oh well. My documents eventually arrived on the interviewer's desk with a post-it note on top saying "Lives on a boat in Australia." :| He was highly amused for some reason.

I'm supposed to be applying for yet another Schengen Visa in 4 days, and I'm very nearly out of blank pages on my passport. So I'm extremely grateful to the US consulate for having spared the only pair of facing blank pages, which I can now use for the Schengen :D. Of course that's as far as it will go and I'm looking at an application for an additional booklet next :-<. Yes, this just never ends. The best thing though was the 10 year duration of the Visa! Bolli had given me a scare last night saying that he'd got one for 6 months! Which would have been disastrous, 'cos I don't see any obvious opportunities for a visit anytime soon.

On the way back from the VFS collection centre I managed to time (and place) myself exactly right, and for the first time ever, was the first one out through the turnstiles at DumDum metro! (Hey, it might not sound like a big thing, but there is only one door on the last compartment that lets you achieve this! And you have to be standing with your nose practically against that door, waiting for it to slide open, then make a run for it!) Bottom line: I was the first in line for the ricks, and got to pick my seat! Back row, on the side, and NOT on the oncoming traffic side :D.

Feeling: lucky :D
Listening to: Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

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