Thursday, 26 July 2007


Arghhh! I just realized that we've been onboard only 11 days and not 18 :((. This is terrible! I'm never this far off on time! Here I was, feeling all smug that we were already at the half-way mark for the trip /:). No wonder it felt like too soon. Ah well, it would seem we weren't out on the backdeck that long after all :|.


And some more.

At least we're back in production and there seem to be ample reasons for small boat trips. But, although the weather's quite benign compared to the last couple of swings in the Bass Strait, it's still not quite ideal for boating it. Hopefully, that'll change sometime soon. In the meantime, there's the sunrise.I should get on with Life of Pi. The introduction bit seemed rather interesting :). I should also watch Blood Diamond and Pan's Labyrinth, DVD's of which have been lying in my cabin for what is actually only a week and a half now. :(

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