Monday, 30 July 2007

Glass arm shattering

Clarity lost? Or trapped? Enmeshed in a wilderness of fissures. (Arm?-)twisting sense to blindness. The culprit melts away in the newly descended darkness. Do you sense those teeth bared in a sneer? Lose yourself or move on. It isn't a matter of choice really.--

It's taken two seasons, but I've finally given into temptation and joined the nefarious world of Fantasy Football :D. I just put up my provisional team for the upcoming EPL season. The name (which has nothing to do with the band) is Lost Prophets, and I'm quite sure it will be proven apt before long :P.

Ah yes, a warning: do not watch The Lake House. Ever.

My blog turned 2! Two days back! Bummer, I thought I'd gotten past forgetting birthdays :-<.

Currently: waiting impatiently :D
Listening to: Linkin Park - Faint


histrionix said...

Your blog turned two! Now I really feel old :-(

kray said...

I hear you :-<