Monday, 16 July 2007

The in-betweens

I've decided I don't like port calls. And now that we're steaming again, I'm profoundly relieved. Thing is, I'm generally quite content while I'm on board, unlike most people who you see practically dying all around you 'cos they're missing, whatever it is that they miss while on board, so much. However, when you're alongside, there's no avoiding the outside world. It's right there, staring right back at you, the cars and buses honking at street corners, the train thundering in and out of the station, the kids skateboarding in the abandoned park, people... It's a little more difficult to ignore the reality that usually remains hidden beyond the horizon, when it's right in your face.Transits, on the other hand, I quite like. Like this morning for instance, I spent half an hour over breakfast for the first time since maybe school! I miss being the slowest eater at the table :P. What I'm trying to say is transits give you that precious thing you never have during most trips, a generous amount of time when it comes to doing anything! Or maybe it's just me, 'cos somehow, I never seem to have any time on the boat! (Hey, sometimes being bored can be a really fun thing!)

All of a sudden the year seems like an awfully small amount of time :-<.

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