Sunday, 22 July 2007


They have a name for this kinda shit. Which escapes me at this time.

You wouldn't really believe how the weather can change in one day. There was the morning I took my latest sunrise pics on a blustery deck, eyes streaming in the ruthless sting of the cold. The next day I was sweating on the backdeck within an hour of light.

Have seen some whales though. And been out driving the boat.

Have also been in a state where when I finally got back to my cabin today I was profoundly relieved to find my bed left unmade by the steward. I won't have to spend any effort trying to get the blanket around me, I can just crawl back into that me-shaped hollow I left last night...

Currently: dead
Listening to: Pearl Jam - Immortality


Anu said...

Heh! "Me-shaped hollow".. I likey! :)

kray said...

:P blatantly plagiarized.. mostly

Anu said...

Um. Where from?
*scratching head*

histrionix said...

'Currently: dead
Listening to: Pearl Jam - Immortality'

I find that interesting :)

And yeah, if you want more fickle weather, come visit!

kray said...

@ anu: Roy

@ histrionix: :D heh hadn't noticed that, but is apt, in a way...
and okay, this was not fickle weather, merely geography :P

Anu said...

Ooh, of course! :)