Thursday, 12 July 2007

... like the hiding sun

This has been a pretty eventful week already! Incredibly enough, I got back my passport, which had spent the last couple of weeks in the care of the Norwegian Consulate, about 6 weeks earlier than I'd expected. I did get a multi entry Schengen visa, but it's valid only till the end of the year. So much for plans of an all out Europe trip, the only two remaining breaks this year, I'll already be spending in Norway due to various courses :-<. But I do have my two shiny stickers, and my passport still has space for at least a couple of more of them! But that would probably be pushing my luck :P.And then of course came the news that we'll be boarding the ship from Freo itself! The reasons? I'll probably be well advised to keep those to myself, but unforeseen circumstances have delayed the Trident by almost a week :(. At least that would mean we'll get a little bit of time on the steam up to the North West Shelf before we start sweating it out on the back deck :|.

And finally yesterday the fifth Potter movie premiered in Australia! We easily got tickets for the evening show and surprise surprise, there were tons of empty seats. But hey, it's Perth, I was impressed to find more than half the seats occupied in the largest of the four halls they have in the multiplex :P. So, the movie... well, I must say I liked it a whole lot better than the book :D. The best thing about it was the fact that so much of the dark and pointless meandering that the book indulges in has disappeared! It does take liberties with the plot at times, but see, I never liked the plot that much anyway :). Danny Radcliffe still has trouble acting, but he's getting better, Emma Watson more than makes up for it though and much of the rest of the cast was quite fabulous. I totally loved Imelda Staunton as the despicable Dolores Umbridge!

But I must say I was a little disappointed with the lame way in which Sirius dies (Gary Oldman was another smart bit of casting though). And lines like "... you might not like Dumbledore, but you've gotto admit, he's got style!"?!!! I mean seriously!

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