Thursday, 5 July 2007


My most valued possession currently is my tiny double folding umbrella :D. Totally love that thing! When folded it comes to only slightly over 6 inches, but opens out to over a metre across! However, such foldability (?) comes at a price. Turns out its propensity to flip inside out is extremely high, and with the kind of winds that accompany the rain in these parts, that kinda translates to rather acrobatic attempts at keeping the umbrella aimed at the wind at all times. Or just folding it up and getting drenched in the rain anyway... Thankfully, things have remained within the realm of slightly soggy clothing, no drenching yet.Finally went and watched Ocean's Thirteen last night. And no, it's not better that Eleven! Okay, it's better than Twelve, I'll give it that, but then anything would have been better than Twelve /:). It did have genuinely funny bits though, and the plot was somewhat there, so to speak. But what really saddened me was that Baxter (Don Cheadle) had lost most of his accent!!

Noticed a rather strange thing on the way back, an ATM machine had lights flashing and a very loud alarm blaring but no one seemed to be concerned! At 10 in the night there weren't really a lot of people around, but the ones that were seemed completely nonplussed! There was even an empty police car parked nearby. I wonder if I'd just missed an attempted robbery... or a successful one.

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Anu said...

I'm shocked all of Perth didn't palpitate with excitement at the ATM thingummie! It didn't even make breaking news?? Pah... So very out-of-character! :-P