Saturday, 18 August 2007

Crew change

Yup, everything went off as planned, quicker even. Six choppers in and out in no time. And I'm still here. Here being the boat. No, there's been no mistake, I'm to stay back for another week or so :-<. The only saving grace really is that I've known this for about a week now. But it hits home only when all the old faces are gone, and new, unfamiliar faces occupy the familiar chairs... It's a shame really, I'd just gotten down to single digits when I found out.

Oh well, didn't have a whole lot of time to brood on it. A lot is usually happening at crew change, but in the middle of all that, somehow, a TV set and a DVD player managed to hijack my couch! I mean, the couch is not exactly huge, and I don't even have the space to hook up the TV! /:) And I still don't know exactly how they got there!

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Listening to: Chicane - Overlap

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