Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Gameweek 8

The recovery continues, and I must say I am very relieved to remain static and within single digits in the league :). As is obvious from above, my defence did a splendid job this weekend! And Anelka scored again! The man is amazing, Bolton keep losing, but he somehow almost always manages to get a goal in! Well, I'm not a Bolton fan, so I'm not complaining :P. I also finally have a Liverpool player on my team, and for the first time got a clean sheet from a goalie! Only, now I'm seriously contemplating getting proper forward to substitute the injured Forssel, so I don't have to depend on Tevez so much. Especially when he seems to have been relegated to a second line striker with Rooney's comeback :|. But that will have to wait, for this week, I chose to get rid of Lampard before his price goes down any further.

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Lucky thats all